Welcome to the Harrogate and District Branch* of the National Autistic Society (NAS).


We are a volunteer run group, affiliated to The National Autistic Society, providing support, information and advice to anyone with autism and their families and carers.


  • We are a small group of volunteers.

  • We are self-funding.

  • We meet regularly in Harrogate.

  • We promote improving understanding and support for people with autism in the Harrogate area.

  • We run and support some Youth Groups, Conferences, Training, Support Groups and hold autism awareness and social events.

  • New volunteers always welcome – please get in touch.


To give support to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families and carers through:

  • Raising awareness of Autism and Neurodiversity.

  • Providing information and guidance.

  • Campaigning and promoting improved provision in the Harrogate area.

  • Developing partnerships with other agencies, organisations and individuals.


Rob has worked in the Harrogate area,  in a wide range of capacities helping and supporting individuals and families affected by Autism and Learning Differences for over 30 years.

He has been a committee member of the branch for 5 years and became Chairman last year.

This photograph sums up his approach. Nothing is as it seems. A few hours after this photograph Rob was flown off the mountain due to acute breathlessness. In relation to the Committee Rob is wanting to support and promote better inclusive practice and improved provision for autism and related conditions in the Harrogate area and beyond.

We welcome new volunteers and linking up in partnership with other organisations. Please get in touch if you have any ideas or if you would like to get involved.